Hi my name is Hudson. I’m primarily a singer, songwriter, and guitar player inspired by the blues and the people who I’m blessed to know. Music is core to my soul and has given me the joy that I want to give to you! I started playing guitar with my brother when I was 11 and got my first job in music as lead guitar when I was 15. My band mates were a little older than me (30 years older) but my favorite people to hang with. We played a lot of old rock and roll at bars and festivals all over Washington and Idaho. As I am getting older I am discovering new music and love to write more contemporary music which I like to call bluepop, pop music with some blues inspired guitar!


I come from a working family, my dad owns a tree service and my mom is an accountant. In my life so far I've spent lots of time farming, doing tree work, and driving! I enjoyed farming and working with my hands but my real passion is to write songs that will make people happy. I would like to write songs like the songs I listened to while changing irrigation lines in the hay field, or trimming trees, or driving home at three in the morning after a late night show. 


I am now 22 years old living in Boston in my senior year at Berklee College of Music doing what I have been called to do. I have had so much fun playing shows in Washington, Idaho, Boston, and recently Texas and collaborating with artists from all different genres while pursuing my degree in Professional Music. I’ve had many amazing experiences playing in venues such as The Red Room, the Middle-East, the Regatta Bar, the Birn Internet Radio show, WEMF radio show, and opening for Johnny Sanchez at the Lincoln Centre. I was also really blessed to play at The Rock Cut Blues Festival last year knocking it off of my bucket list. 


I am releasing my debut EP in the Spring of 2017 and planning to go on tour to promote it. This EP is about bringing to life the songs written in my heart and to give you the same joy I have been blessed with. I would like my music to bring smiles, relationships, and unforgettable good times into your life! The simple things. Thanks for listening!